Are you happy with your products from China?

  • Tired of receiving defective or lower quality merchandise?
  • Are the products you receive exactly what you ordered?
  • Has the factory missed critical product specifications?
  • Are your orders shipping “short” or late?
  • Are your shipments coming in damaged due to poor packing?

Let us help! We can help you avoid unpleasant surprises.

Let our inspection team serve as your eyes and ears in China. Our Chinese inspection teams will go into the factory and make sure the products that have been produced are exactly what you are expecting.

How Does It Work?

  • First, our team will compare your approved samples with the factory production and send you a report describing what they see.
  • Then, our team will send you pictures of the factory production next to your samples, so you can see for yourself what was made. Our team will take photos of carton markings, packaging, bar codes, and any other critical specifications you require.
  • If any defects are found, our inspectors will document and photograph them for your review.
  • Once you have received the inspection report, you can then make an informed decision on whether or not the products made meet your standards, before giving the factory your approval to ship.

One World Sourcing offers a full range of inspection services through our Fast Pace Far East partners. Our inspectors can help you with different types of inspections to suit your needs.

  • Pre-production Inspection
    Inspect raw materials and components before production begins to verify the factory has ordered the correct materials and inspect for defects.
  • Online Production Inspection
    Ideal for shipments of large quantities, continuous production, or strict on-time shipments. Our inspectors examine goods that have been completed and in-line for defects to ensure uniform product quality. This also helps to confirm on time shipment.
  • Final Random Inspection
    Inspection is done after completion of production to ensure quality and correct packing before shipping. Inspectors can verify correct size, color, quantity, workmanship, packing and more. You supply the critical passing criteria.


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Click here to download an inspection form which can be filled in and faxed to us!

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