One World Sourcing has a great deal of experience in the pet industry. Due to the fact that our customers ship to the major pet retail chains, we have an intimate knowledge of the expectations these stores have and if required can assist in setting up a direct import program.

We pay as much attention to the quality of our products and its packaging as we do the pricing. Our understanding of this industry also makes us a valuable resource when it comes to the creation of new ideas.

Our strengths Include:

  • Pet Toys (latex, vinyl, and rubber)
  • Grooming Tools
  • Plush
  • Rawhide
  • Collars and Leads
  • Cable Tie-Outs
  • Training Pads
  • Pet Beds and Carriers
  • Interactive Toys
  • Pet Shampoo
  • Bowls

We are familiar with all of the durability and safety standards that are essential to a new product launch, and work hand in hand with our customers to develop the best possible product.

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